A Light Heart Healing


(C) 2010 Sarah Foerster


What is a house blessing/clearing?

House blessing and clearing is the act of utilizing various energetic and spiritual tools to cleanse and release energy from a physical space that may not be serving that space any longer and replace it with a refreshed, safe, pleasant energy that permeates the environment of the space.

Tools that are commonly used are:

Cleansing water or the mixing of salt and water

The purifying smoke of incense combined with a thought or intention

“Smudging” with sage, lavender or cedar smoke to purify the atmosphere

Working with sacred symbols, words, or movements that bless and clear

Using visual imagery, like a circle of protection, that help move energy out and invite better energy in.

Calling on angels and guides to cleanse, bless and protect the space


Why should I do this?

Energy can be felt.  Ever walk into a space and suddenly you feel a “weird” or “I just don’t like it here?” feeling?  That is you responding to a “vibe” or “atmosphere.”  Clearing and blessing a physical space helps to bring it into alignment with what you have intended for it.  Clearing and blessing a space will make the space feel better, more comfortable, and will improve the quality of your life when you reside in that space.

This is very useful if you are buying or selling a home or are starting something new in a current space.  It doesn’t matter whether you personally work with the energy in the space or not, the “atmosphere” of the place will be felt by you and by others regardless.

Blessing and clearing can also help to bring the energy of a place BACK to it’s original essence, allowing the land’s own energetic power naturally flow through.

Advantages of house blessing/clearing

If the energy surrounding you isn’t the type that you desire, you can clear that energy away and replace it with better energy that suits you and your intentions!  Allow Sarah to help you take charge of the energy you live in!  Live in the atmosphere you ENJOY!  Live in the atmosphere that is YOU!