A Light Heart Healing

TESTIMONIALS January 5, 2010

(c) 2010 Sarah Foerster


I just wanted to write a “thank you” for the very wonderful healing session you provided me.  Since then things have changed for the better and I don’t know if it was the session, timing, coincidence, or what…but I have had to beat men off with a stick, things are clearer, and overall everything feels more open and clear.

-Shannon W.

Wow! My experience with Sarah was light hearted and results orientated and pretty amazing. Sarah is a very gifted practitioner.  She made me feel very comfortable and you can tell her heart was totally into it. She went beyond our time limit to accomplish a successful “shift” and healing for which I am grateful.

The session was an amazing personal journey for me and brought forth a lot of insight and light on issues that were still harboring in my life.

Sarah is amazing! When she’s working with you, her energy comes across as that of the best sister you can wish for. A sister with the compassion to hold a space for you of healing and grace while in the same moment pushing you forward ever so gently to reach for that potential she knows you have – the potential to do, be and have all that you’ve ever desired. You get a chance to work with her – take it, and count yourself lucky because you’re about to get a whole lot more than you’re expecting.


Thank you Sarah!! With love, Julia

-Julia M.

My session with Sarah Foerster was amazing and heartfelt.

The rush of energy was overwhelming at first. Heat; then suddenly, I felt an almost immediate clearing. It was almost as though she channeled her energy into my body. I could feel Sarah work through the blocks in my body and energy field as though clearing it with water, then denseness washing away.

After the session, Sarah’s exact description of the things that she was feeling and seeing within me was astonishingly accurate and also revealing to my present situation. I left feeling refreshed, alert and giddy; three things I cannot say I have felt recently! The session stayed with me, as I entered anew into life blessed by this wonderful healer.

A true must “experience” for anyone wanting or needing to feel refreshed and alive!

Thomas S.

Being a Reiki healer myself, I understand the benefits and healing power of Reiki. Sarah has such a beautiful touch and gentle nature, and I always feel uplifted and happy after a session with her! I am so grateful to have her in my life, as she has helped me ground myself, and clear my body of any unwanted emotional baggage. Her insight helps me put things into perspective when Im stressed out, and she helps me realize my true self when I accidently let my ego get the best of me! Sarah is a truly gifted healer.

-Kara M.


In 2001, I bought my first home; a multifamily building which would become not only my abode but also home for two tenants.  This was a scary undertaking back then and it had an added layer of complexity in that the building needed a lot of work.  Shortly after the purchase, I invited Sarah over to take a look and see what she thought.  She returned a day later with some house blessing and clearing materials and spent some time blessing the house.  Every window, doorway, room, indoor and outdoor space was “touched” by Sarah’s energy work.  From there, I went about rehabbing the whole building, finding tenants, and making the place into a home.  Not only did the extensive rehab project go very well but ever since then I have been living in an environment of peace and warmth.  In addition, I have been so very fortunate with my tenants.  My tenants are all great people, and now are my good friends.  Thank you Sarah!

Jason T.

I just had the pleasure of working with Sarah. I’m in my 34 week of pregnancy and our session revolved around the baby inside of me. At first I was a bit skeptical, but as Sarah explained the whole process and science behind Theta Healing I felt comfortable and relaxed.  Sarah has this calming, nurturing presence to her that you immediately feel. She put me to ease and guided me into a relaxed meditation. What we uncovered was amazing.  At the end of our session Sarah told me she had this visualization of a tree, which blew my mind because the name we have chosen for our baby is actually a tree which she did not know.  I left the session feeling secure and excited to meet this little person with a ton of personality already formed inside of the womb. The love I felt was tremendous and I am so happy I had the chance to work with Sarah.

-Rachel D.