A Light Heart Healing


What is Thetahealing ™?


Thetahealing ™ is a healing modality developed by Vianna Stibel, (a naturopath from Idaho, USA, who healed herself of cancer instantly), that allows the practitioner to facilitate instant changes in a client’s physical body and in the client’s belief systems.  The name Thetahealing ™ is a registered trademark of Vianna’s Nature’s Path and may be used by those certified as practitioners and teachers of this modality of healing.

The philosophy of Thetahealing ™ is that each of us creates everything in our lives.  Like a magnet, we pull to us people and experiences based on the belief systems we hold.  These beliefs function like computer programs, creating our life experiences—creating for us wealth or poverty, sickness or good health, successes or failures, loneliness or connectedness.  Everything is our own created reality.

The beliefs we hold are almost entirely subconscious.  Some beliefs are based on our experiences in this lifetime.  We cut ourselves with a sharp object, it opens our skin causing a wound and the nerves send messages to our brain delivering a “hurt” sensation.  We form the belief that sharp objects hurt.  And this serves us!

Not all beliefs we hold serve us, however.  Perhaps we pick up a coin on from the street as a child and are told by an elder “drop that, it is dirty money.”  At age 4 we decide that having money is “dirty” and not a positive experience.  Perhaps this belief does not serve us as we struggle and fail to achieve what we would create for ourselves at 20, 30 40 years of age.  The majority of beliefs formed in this lifetime were created by the age of 4. See how this might be limiting us?

We also have beliefs passed down to us in our own DNA.  We are also born with beliefs, held at the level of our souls.  We can acquire beliefs from the collective consciousness, the groups and societies that we live in, and from our past history and past lives.  The majority of these beliefs are within our subconscious.  The bummer is that they run like a computer program, dictating our experiences and creating our lives, whether we know it or not!

With Thetahealing ™, you can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life.  You can heal physical ailments, and “reprogram” yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness, joy, and anything else you can imagine or desire!

A few of the issues Thetahealing ™ has helped people with includes:

Self-help for both financial and health problems

Pain relief, including back pain relief

Energy healing on emotional trauma and relationships

Personal growth and spirituality

The first step

Before your Thetahealing ™ session, the only thing you really need to do is decide what it is about your life that you’d like to change. Are you seeking better health? More prosperity? Attracting a loving and most compatible life partner?

The goal of the Theta Healing session is then to identify and shift the subconscious programs that are causing the problem and blocking you from living your life on YOUR terms.

Your first Thetahealing ™ session

If this is your first session, the practitioner will begin by answering any questions you have. After that, the practitioner will do demonstrations and explanations of muscle testing. This typically takes only a few minutes, but could take longer if you are dehydrated or demineralized and you are not muscle testing clearly.

“Digging” to find the core beliefs

The practitioner will talk with you and perform intuitive readings to discover the subconscious programs underlying the problems in your life. (Remember, physics and spirituality both tell us that it is our subconscious programs, or beliefs, that shape our reality!)

You will then use muscle testing to determine which negative programs are in your subconscious. For example, if you are having a problem earning money, you may find that you muscle test true to the belief “I have to be poor to be in touch with God”, which means that it is in your subconscious mind.

The practitioner then uses the Thetahealing ™ technique to shift your beliefs so that the your subconscious programming will be compatible with bringing them what you consciously desire in life.

After the practitioner has used the Thetahealing ™ technique to shift the program, you will muscle test it again.

Sometimes the muscle test result will change in an instant! Other times, it may not change – this means that there are other subconscious programs that are beneath, or anchoring, the negative program. For example, you may have the subconscious program “I have to be poor to be in touch with God”. The practitioner goes to shift this, but it does not change.

Why? Well, maybe because you are still carrying “a vow of poverty” from a past life! You then muscle test “I have a vow of poverty”, and it is true. (This is “digging!”) The practitioner then clears the vow, and then you again muscle test “I have to be poor to be in touch with God” and find that it has shifted to false!

All changes are performed only with the informed consent of the client – in fact, the Thetahealing ™ technique does not work without your informed consent.

Does it matter if we do it in person or over the phone?

No. Thetahealing ™ sessions can be done in person, or over the phone, or via Skype internet conference – distance is not a factor! In addition to working incredibly well for humans, Thetahealing ™ has also been shown to be effective on animals.

What Can I Expect To Get Out Of My Thetahealing ™ Session?

If there is something about your life that you want to change, you can benefit from Thetahealing ™! Everybody benefits in some way from every Thetahealing ™ session – though the benefits may come in ways you do not expect.  Be open to the surprising, positives changes!

While nearly everyone does receive some immediate change, for some people there are emotional and spiritual issues that are at the core of the physical problems and hence need to be resolved first before achieving substantial permanent physical recovery.

Thus, it is not uncommon for people to at first experience primarily emotional/spiritual healing, possibly along with some physical recovery. The rest of the physical recovery may come later when the emotional/spiritual aspects have been fully resolved.

In every circumstance, it is important to distinguish between a cure and a healing.

A healing means the client receives the support and transformation that is most appropriate for their current situation and that he or she is most ready to accept.

A cure is a medical term regarding a change in specific measurable symptoms from an underlying condition.

All clients will experience a powerful healing!

However, the healing may or may not include a cure for the specific reason they came to a Thetahealer ™. For some terminally ill clients, the healing may be to remove the fear of death and to smooth relations with friends and family so they may cross over in peace and love. Even when a healing does not include a cure it can be a wonderful, life changing experience!

Still, many people have experienced miraculous instant healings from Thetahealing ™ and only need one session of Thetahealing.™ In other cases the healing come more gradually, or in more subtle forms.

Whatever your situation, you will receive the healing that is most in line with your highest and best good!  It’s fun!

I have issue/condition X – can Thetahealing ™ help me?

No matter what your challenge is, if you are willing to take responsibility for your own life and are willing to work with me to explore the core problems behind your issue related to injury, illness, or unhappiness, you have the potential to make dramatic positive changes in your life.

How long are sessions?

Sessions range from 30-75 minutes, depending on the needs of the client. Short sessions (30 minutes) are available for animals, regular clients (per my suggestion), and other situations where a full session is not needed. It is recommended that you do a full 75 minute session for your first appointment, so that you and I will have enough time to discuss your background, the Theta technique, and to learn how to do muscle testing.

How many sessions do I need?

If you are like the majority of people who have tried Thetahealing ™, you probably have some physical or emotional condition that causes you pain, stress, and/or disability, and all the conventional and alternative healing methods you have tried have left you unsatisfied. Initially, probably the only thing you care about in your Thetahealing ™ sessions is dealing with your condition. But, after you have some experience with Theta’s holistic therapy medicine, it will open your eyes to the amazing potential it has to improve every aspect of your life – career, relationships, health, finances, emotional makeup, and – last but not least – helping you find the meaning and purpose in your life.

As the client, you decide what your goals are for Thetahealing ™. If your goal is simply to recover from some condition, you may not feel the need to do any more work, and that’s fine. But most people realize the tremendous benefits Thetahealing ™ can bring  and see recovery from their symptoms as just the first step on the road to a better life.

How often should I do Thetahealing ™ sessions?

It really depends on what your goals are and how much of your time, energy, and other resources you are willing to commit to achieve those goals. It’s common for people to do weekly sessions at first until they’ve addressed all the major issues that brought them to seek healing. Some people like to use Theta to help prepare for big life events; some just use this holistic therapy medicine when they get sick or injured; others prefer to do monthly sessions to “keep on top of things” and address all the things that have come up in their lives. And still others, like me, are so fascinated with the magic of Theta that they do sessions every week and attend every Thetahealing ™ seminar, practice group, and event possible.

What should I do to prepare for a Thetahealing ™ session?

First, decide what your goal is for the session. For example, you might want to get along with your boss better, or you might be struggling with fatigue and just want to feel better. Ask yourself: “if I could change anything in my life for the better, what would it be?”

Physically, you want to be comfortable and relaxed, and (if you are doing a session over the phone) be sure to pick a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during your session. It is advised that you drink water before and during the session it will help you to stay hydrated so your muscle test results will be clearer.

What exactly is the Thetahealing ™ practitioner doing during the core belief work and physical healing?

The simplest description is that it is focused prayer and meditation. For example, during a session it may be discovered that the you hold the belief “Money is the root of all evil” (we know this because the you muscle test strong when you say “Money is the root of all evil”). I would then ask you, “Would you like to change this belief?” and if the you agree to change it, “yes,” I  then enter a meditative state and use the Theta Technique to become one with the higher power and command the change be made.  This might take anywhere from a split second to a few minutes.  You just sit there and relax! After the change is completed, I will muscle test the you again to ensure that the belief has changed in  your body (subconscious) and is now totally gone.

Is Thetahealing ™ associated with any church or religious organization?

Nope. Thetahealing ™ is a spiritual practice that is not affiliated with any church or any other form of religious organization. People from all faiths and backgrounds – including atheists and agnostics – are welcome to share the amazing benefits of Thetahealing ™ and experience the alternative healing power of this method.

Do I have to believe in God for Thetahealing ™ to work?

You are not required to believe in any particular view of God or religion in order to benefit from Thetahealing ™. All that is required is that you accept responsibility for your life, and are open to the concept that there is some form of higher power. For some people the higher power is God, for others it is the Universe. I will use the terminology you are most comfortable with. “God,” “The Creator of All That Is,” “Source,” “Goddess,” “The Universe,” “The Divine,” and “Life” are all common terms Thetahealing ™ practitioners use.

How can I learn more about muscle testing?

You can search for “muscle testing” in any internet search engine and find many sites with more information about muscle testing. From the Theta perspective, muscle testing reflects what a person’s body-held (subconscious) beliefs are – which may or not be the same as truth.

Where is the subconscious mind physically located?

Where is the subconscious mind? The answer is in fact very simple: the subconscious mind is within your entire body!

How do we ask questions of the subconscious mind?

There is a method known as kinesiology (muscle testing) that does exactly this! The subconscious mind is active through the entire body. If we could somehow ask the body questions, we could to determine what is in the subconscious. We do this by muscle testing!

How does muscle testing work?

Whenever you say or think something that resonates as true with the subconscious mind, the electrical and magnetic fields around the body actually become stronger and as a result the muscles also become stronger.

Similarly, when you say or think something that resonates as false with the subconscious mind, the electrical and magnetic fields around the body actually become weaker and as a result the muscles also become weaker!

For example, if you are a man and your name is Jay, and you state “I am a man” or “My name is Jay”, this will resonate as true with the subconscious mind, and your field and your muscles will function strong.

Conversely, if you say aloud “I am a woman” or “My name is Jane”, this will resonate as false with the subconscious mind, and your field and your muscles will function weak.

How do I perform muscle-testing techniques on myself?

First, hydrate yourself by drinking water!  Muscle testing will not be accurate when in a dehydrated state. It is also effective holding water close to your body.

Method #1: 

Standing Method: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing NORTH, in a balanced, neutral position. Make sure you are standing very tall, with no bend in your knees and your head and shoulders held high but comfortable (no straining!). To test, say “YES” – you should feel yourself tilting forward. Next, rebalance yourself, and say “NO” – you should feel yourself tilting backwards.

Method #2: Finger Ring Method: Sit in a relaxed, comfortable position. Make a “ring” by touching your thumb and one of your fingers on the same hand (different people like to use different fingers; generally the pinky finger/thumb ring is the weakest, and the index finger/thumb ring is the strongest.) Hold the ring tight together, and say “YES” as you use the index finger from your other hand to pull through the ring.  Doing this, the ring should stay intact. Now, hold the ring tight, and say “NO” as you use the index finger on your other hand to pull through the ring – the ring should break and let your finger pull through.

What should I do if my muscle testing is not clear?

While it is generally very accurate, there are a variety of factors that can influence muscle testing. The most common factors include:

Hydration – dehydrated people do not muscle test properly

Demineralization – you can not muscle test properly if you do not have enough minerals in your system

Stress – powerful emotional triggers can make muscle testing more difficult.

Thetahealers ™ are trained to recognize when people are not muscle testing properly and have a variety of ways to work with the client to get accurate muscle testing results.